Monday morning…

Monday mornings take on a whole new meaning when you are completely in charge of your own schedule. No more commuting – so we’ve decided to schedule a regular Monday morning walk and breakfast (at least while the weather is warm). Today’s destination was Karawatha Forest. Less than 15 minutes from home and we were walking in the forest, listening to the birds sing. Even at 7am, it was warm and humid, but the 50-minute, 3.5km walk was good exercise. We saw a few joggers on the trails, but it was certainly not crowded.

After that walk, we earned our breakfast. We stopped on the way home at Mi Casa Cafe in Underwood where I had some poached eggs with haloumi and chimichurri.

All in all, a good way to start the week.

Spinning Cotton

Spinning is an activity that I usually enjoy in the evening – so each project moves slowly. Several months ago I purchased about 800 grams of natural coloured combed cotton sliver in “green” and “cinnamon”.

My long-term goal is to weave fabric out of handspun cotton and sew myself a handspun, handwoven top. Before I get there I need to do some sampling. I’ve now spun up 100 grams of each colour (the picture at the top of this post). The next step is to try weaving it – so I’ll make a scarf to see how the fabric comes out. I’m still thinking about what weave structure to use, so please leave your suggestions in the comments. I’m quite partial to huck lace, but I’m sure there are other weave structures that would make nice garment material.

The Odyssey Continues…

Hi there. Many of the readers of this blog will already know me. My name is Karen and I’ve lived in Brisbane Australia for 20+ years. I recently retired from a long academic career, most recently with the University of Queensland Business School. While some of you may be familiar with my advocacy work in the area of extraterritorial US taxation, this site is all about my crafts (and maybe some travel).

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