The Power of Negative Space

Now that I have the new loom, I’m off and running. The first project was from Season 3, Episode 1 – Denting of Jane Stafford’s Online Weaving School in brown and rust 16/2 cotton. I showed a bit of the warping process in my previous post about the loom. The idea is to add some interest to plain weave by considering the spaces as well as the fabric. The warp was arranged in 1/2″ segments – 1/2″ of warp at 24 ends per inch (12 warp threads), then a 1/2″ gap. The colours started at rust on the edge, moving through browns to a light ivory then reversing. There are 14 of the 1/2″ segments of warp and 13 empty gaps between.

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International Scarf Exchange

This year I again took on the challenge of participating in the International Scarf Exchange. The exchange is run by a different weaving guild each year, and this year the task was taken on by several guilds in the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales. Each participant sends in 150 grams of fibre. You receive someone else’s fibre and you make them a scarf (or shawl, socks etc.). I received three shades of naturally coloured corriedale fibre that I spun up into laceweight yarn.

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