More Green Cotton

Remember the green cotton that I spun and wove into a short runner?

Then I took the leftover yarn and soaked it in ammonia.

Well, now I’ve taken the treated yarn and woven a second table runner in the opposite colourway. This time the body of the runner is in the brown cotton with green stripes.

Brown and Tan Table Runners

Both runners are woven on a rigid heddle loom using pick up sticks to create the pattern. The idea is that the stick alters which threads are up or down, creating regular weft floats.

Now that I’ve woven the brown runner, I’m wondering whether I should leave the original (tan) runner untreated. As it is, the tan runner shows what the cotton looked like before treatment. If I were to soak the tan runner in ammonia, it should come out a sage green colour with dark brown stripes – just the opposite of the brown runner. Please help me decide by completing the poll below.

Should I treat the light cotton runner with ammonia?

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