Log Cabin Plus!

More plain weave – this time with colour effects. Log cabin is a great plain weave pattern where you alternate dark and light threads. In Season 3 Episode 3, Jane Stafford shows how to design a log cabin with extra border threads that make it pop out and look almost 3-D.

Take a look at these two samples – can you tell the difference?

In the sample on the left, the log cabin blocks are bordered in white, while on the right they’re bordered in black.

All up I made 13 samples in 8/4 cotton, all different. I changed out the border colours and the frame colours and tried some different patterns in the weft.

Red frame, white borders:

Red frame then white, white, black:

Blue frame and blue borders:

Sampler of different weft patterns with blue frame and blue borders:

Changing the frame warp from green to blue:

The possibilities are endless. This was a fun project.

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