It’s all about the process

And such a long process it is… Remember that cone of yarn (well, really thread) I was working on?

blue cone of cotton/poly thread - about 1kg

Well, first I measured out 1221 warp threads. At that point the cone of yarn was clearly smaller. (Plus I did a pretty good job of estimating how much to put on the second cone so that I could measure the warp two threads at a time.)

The next step was to dress the loom.

In the collage you see the various steps: putting the lease sticks through the cross in the chained warp, spreading the warp on the raddle in preparation for winding it onto the back beam, threading the heddles, sleying the reed, tieing up the treadles, checking for errors and, in the top right, finally weaving!

It will be a week or two before I finish the weaving – there’s about 4.5 meters to weave.

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