Catching up…

Gosh, it’s been well over a year since my last post. It’s not that I’ve stopped weaving – I just haven’t been writing posts. Clearly, I’m not doing a good job of keeping up the way I originally conceived this blog. So time for a bit of a re-focus. Rather than making each post such a big thing (completed project, pretty pictures, etc.), I’ll try to post more regularly about work in progress and stuff.

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Adding the Dye Dimension

At a Weavers Interest meeting late last year I received a 1998 issue of Weavers magazine with an article by Kay Faulkner about woven shibori. I regret that I was not able to take Kay’s class on woven shibori as I learned so much in the two classes I was able to take with her.

So, what is woven shibori? Shibori is a Japanese resist dyeing technique where cloth is stitched or tied in intricate patterns, the stitching drawn tight, and the fabric dyed resulting in resist patterns where the tight gathering threads kept the dye away. Tie-dyed T-shirts are an example of shibori. With woven shibori, the gathering threads are woven into the fabric, gathered once the fabric is off the loom, then the fabric is dyed.

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